Oct 2008 Ed SIG Meeting Minutes

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Education SIG TEI 2008 Kings College London (Return to SIG:Education)

Present: Julianne Nyhan, Veronika Lux, Bertrand Gaiffe, Serge Heiden, Susan Schreibman, Julia Flanders

  • Susan said that she and Werner Wegstein were stepping down as Chairs. She recommended Julianne Nyhan and Stephanie Schlitz replace them as Chairs. All agreed.
  • Those present introduced themselves and their interest in TEI Education.
  • Possible projects for the Education were discussed:
  1. Annotated Documentation sorted by language/ discipline / time period
  2. Localisation of training material / guidelines / idea of the 3-5 most important TEI documents be translated into several languages:
    1. Sebastian reports that localisation is one of the highest priorities of the Council; currently working with French and Chinese localisation
  3. Idea of an edited monthly column that would be highlighted on the TEI site: My favourite feature
  4. A trainer’s page –
    1. Tools for trainers
    2. Tips for trainers
  5. Libraries SIG would like help in promoting new documents associated with TEI Tight and revised documentation for TEI for Libraries
  6. It was suggested that the TEI bibliography be augmented to contain more non-English language sources. Idea of editors who would cover different language groups who would supply references to Kevin Hawkins
  7. Idea that we might select 10 articles that are particularly relevant for teaching and sort them by language
  8. Put out a call to have somebody to curate a training page
  9. Would be great if we could use folksonomic tagging for resources like the bibliography
  • Priorities:
  1. Curator for educational materials
  2. Curator for my favourite feature
    1. Editors for languages for the bibliography to liaise with Kevin

Submitted by S. Schlitz on behalf of Susan Schreibman

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