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Some points to discuss:

  • One of the proposals was to use <div type="ps"> because the content of <postscript> is too restricted.
We found the following notice in Edward Vanhoutte's and Ron Van den Branden's 2004 Toronto contribution Describing, Transcribing, Encoding, and Editing Modern Correspondence Material: A Textbase Approach, in: Computing the Edition 23/4 (forthcoming):
"For example, straightforward as it may seem, encoding a postscript as <div type="ps"> would force an uncomfortable view of the textual status of the letter. Since a <div> element, as the TEI Guidelines document, is meant to indicate a subdivision of a text, this would not fit a postscript very well. There is no reason to consider a postscript more a subdivision than a paragraph, with its own <p> tag, or a salutation formula, with its <salute> tag. Even is such an ontological-theoretical objection would be accepted in a model for letter encoding, it still leaves the markup-theoretical fact that in this case, a TEI <div> element would be used for something other than a real subdivision.“
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