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SIG Correspondence meeting 2013 minutes

Status: final --pstadler 09:01, 26 November 2013 (EST)

Attendees: Syd Bauman, Benjamin Bohl, Anthony Durity, Mariana Gomes, Marcel Illetschko, Roland Kamzelak, Angelika Kreh, Anne Lorenz, Paul O'Shea, Solveig Schreiter, Sabine Seifert, Janette Seuffert, Peter Stadler

Presentation of ongoing projects

Attendees very briefly introduced themselves and their ongoing and/or planned projects:

Discussion of several correspondence tags

Roland started a vivid discussion of several elements (e.g. <salute>, <opener>, <postscript>) which -- from a structural point of view -- didn't fit into his encoding practices. Peter pointed at SIG:Correspondence#Topics_currently_under_discussion which is a long standing list of those elements. Problem is, that changing these elements would most likely mean to break with the desired backwards compatibility of the TEI Guidelines. Peter made an argument for starting with the easier parts, i.e. creating a new element within the TEI header for capturing correspondence specific metadata. It was agreed to set up a task force for creating such a proposal, given that this idea is around for several years now.

Creation of correspDesc task force

A task force "correspDesc" was set up, including Sabine, Marcel and Peter. Aim of the task force is to create a formal proposal for a <correspDesc> element for approval by the TEI council as a new element of the TEI standard. This work shall be based on the "second draft for a correspondence module and a wrapper element for correspondence meta data" as it was started during last year's meeting.

The activities of the task force will be documented on its own page SIG:Correspondence/task-force-correspDesc

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