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TEI Music SIG Meeting 12 November, 2010, Zadar, Croatia

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The SIG meeting took place at the annual TEI gathering, which this year was in Zadar, Croatia. The meeting followed a panel of three papers presented on 11 November. The main topic of our participation was the encoding of texts containing music notation. Richard Lewis (Goldsmiths University of London), Laurent Pugin (RISM and University of Friburg, Switzerland) and Raffaele Viglianti (King's College London), each presented a paper on the topic of "Encoding text, music and music literatures".

The SIG met for one hour and a half, these are the items discussed:

Aruspix for TEI-with-MEI rendering

As a follow up of his presentation, Laurent Pugin showed the model of his application Aruspix that he adapted to be a component of the rendering process of a TEI-with-MEI document. The mensural notation of the example shown is rendered to SVG; it has been suggested to extend the rendering engine to common notation, of which Aruspix already support basic components.

Report on the current TEI-funded project to produce a TEI-with-MEI ODD

This project is due to completion by the end of this year (2010). A SIG webspace has been set up: and it will be hosting a TEI-with-MEI ODD and guidelines on how to use it. When this will be available, we will encourage comments and contributions: we are hoping that the publication of these guidelines and ODDs will be a starting point for discussion more than a definitive set of recommendations.

Discussion of two previously submitted feature requests

The first feature request asked for renaming tei:musicNotation with a name that would make clearer that the element is about the description of the notation in a manuscript. However, this request is likely to not be accepted because of backwards compatibility problems.

The second feature request asks for the introduction of a new element to mark where music notation occurs in the text, provide a description and link to an external representation of the music notation if necessary. The current proposal suggests tei:music, with a @type with two recommended values: "notation" and "sound". The participants to the meeting and the members on the list have been encouraged to contribute to the discussion of this feature request. An interesting thread is still continuing on the Music SIG list (December 2010).

Discussion of future aims for the SIG

  • The SIG will keep focussing on the inclusion of music notation within text, possibly extending to other XML-based formats besides MEI, starting from MusicXML.
  • Further on, we will take an opposite approach and focus on the inclusion of TEI within music notation formats.
  • It has also been suggested that the SIG should liaise with the Manuscript SIG for the description of manuscript music documents.
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