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TEI Music SIG Meeting 15 October, 2011, Würzburg, Germany

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The SIG meeting took place at the annual TEI gathering, which this year was in Würzburg, Germany. The SIG met for one hour and a half, during which RV briefly reported on activities since the last meeting; then the group worked together towards determining new short- and long-term activities.

Report on this year's activities

The SIG has mainly been busy completing the work left-over from last year around the introduction of the new element tei:notatedMusic and the encoding of texts containing music notation. Work completed:

Planned new activities

Having completed work on the TEI grant, the SIG is at the end of a project and needs to establish new work to pursue the SIG's agenda. The following are some ideas that were discussed during the meeting.

People named next to tasks

  • Benjamin Bohl - BB
  • Johannes Kepper - JK
  • Elena Pierazzo - EP
  • Raffaele Viglianti - RV

Short term

  • New element for inclusion of multimedia files (RV to write feature request)
    • During the council's discussion for approving <notatedMusic>, it was suggested to work on an element to include multimedia files in TEI documents. We will open a feature request to continue this conversation. This element could be called <media> or perhaps it is necessary to create a new overarching class to include also <graphic>; NB next council meeting is on Nov 5th.
  • Prepare a customization that integrates MusicXML in TEI via <notatedMusic> (RV + BB)
  • Prepare a page on the Wiki that lists projects relevant to the SIG's aims and ask for contributions on the list (ALL)
    • Besides the obvious usefulness of such list, this is partly with the aim of encouraging more conversation on the list.

Medium term

  • Integrate TEI within MEI (RV to ask list)
    • Besides independent research, the list will be asked to contribute their views and needs.

Long term

  • Compare headers of MEI and TEI (mei:meiHead and tei:teiHeader) (JK to lead, RV, EP to help for manuscript description)
    • This may result in a ODD with <equiv>s to move from MEI to TEI and in the writing of a white paper to contribute to the expansions of TEI's manuscript description. This relates to last year's suggestions within the MSS SIG to cooperate with other SIGs for a revision of the manuscript description module.
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