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SIG convener: Dario Kampkaspar

Pulbications with any kind af regular publication cycle, from several times a day to cycles of several years, arguably form the majority of (printed) texts nowadays. They span from newspapers via almanacs to comics and many others.

While these different types all have their own needs, their periodicity means that there are special questions to keep in mind when systematically encoding them.

The SIG Periodicals and Newspapers will focus on aspects that are common to all these kinds of periodicals:

  • how to encode this periodicity with its aspects in a concise and machine readable way;
  • how to deal with parts of periodicals that have their own periodicity (e.g. weekly, monthly etc. additions);
  • how to deal with texts continued over several issues of a perdiodical;
  • how to encode the title of e.g. a newspaper (which usually do not cover an entire page).

Additionally, the SIG will focus on methods and workflows for preparing full texts of periodicals by means of OCR and related technologies.

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