SIGMS Minutes 20111014

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  • Elena Pierazzo (EP)
  • Marjorie Burghardt (MB)
  • Torsten Schaßan (TS)
  • Christian Wittern (CW)
  • Ron Van den Branden (RB)
  • Joachim Veit (JV)
  • Malte Rehbein (MR)
  • Oliver Gasperlin (OG)
  • Gregor Middell (GM) – minutes
  • Benjamin W. Bohl (BWB)
  • (many more, please add your name here)

Introduction (EP)

  • introduction of participants
  • explains relationship and interdependencies to other SIGs (Facsimile, Libraries, ...), willingness to contribute vs. ability to do so on a persistent basis, problem of time constraints, financial and other resources as well as attribution of work in the SIGs
  • outline of current activities
    • Genetic editing: Council adopts recommendations of the SIG WG, will be circulated for the first time shortly; likely to be included in the next release of the Guidelines
    • Critical Apparatus: chapter in the Guidelines has not been revised since P4, automatic collation vs. manual construction of a CA, question of relationship between the two, MB appointed as leader of a WG to improve on this situation
    • Manuscript description: extension of existing means with dimensions like time, geospatial information etc., problem of scope (to what extent are we talking about manuscripts or about cultural artifacts in general)
  • organizational matters, some financial support by the TEI available, communication via mailing list, wiki and web-site
  • call for participation

What should we do, what could you do?

  • TS: ODDs from ENRICH project available
  • support for marginal notes in the Guidelines/ SIG proposal
  • manuscript description: <summary/> content model is not flexible enough for more complex descriptions (e.g. <p/>)
  • CW: there are – apart from the SIG – means to address such issues, for example the Sourceforge Issue Tracker
  • EP: SIG can act as a proxy though
  • RB: we could extend TEI by Example with manuscript-related resources
  • TS: refering to ENRICH again, there are existing resources and documentation for manuscript description, including conversion scenarios (TEI, EAD, ...)
  • JV: structure of text is sometimes hard to describe with existing elements, not a problem of manuscripts alone, maybe some conceptual overlap with manuscript description
  • EP: SIG "Text-Bearing Objects" might be a good place to address this
  • idea about further modularizing the TEI, e.g. via use of different namespaces, address different use cases this way
  • MR: problem of SIG's scope, lots of interest in manuscripts, but how to derive concrete tasks from that, maybe should come up with a new definition of what the SIG should do
  • OG: supports idea of asking for micropapers before SIG meetings
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