SIG Text and Graphics 2013 meeting

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at TEI Members' Meeting in Rome, Italy, October 2-5, 2013

when: Thursday 3 October, 14.30

where: Room 117

Agenda / Minutes

  • introductions - areas of interest mentioned:
    • graphic design (leaflets) - how to edit?
    • (newspaper) websites - how to archive, including pictorial content?
    • critical editions, particularly with regard to images - how to link different readings to images?
  • TEI Boilerplate facsimile demo
  • 'A Guide to Images in TEI'
    • Martin de la Iglesia explained difference between the comprehensive 'Guide' and a more concise proposed Images Cheatsheet; meeting participants expressed interest in seeing both resources developed.
  • open discussion of the facsimile chapter/elements
    • "tokenization in images": if one wants to link text tokens to the corresponding areas in the facsimile, how can one avoid drawing boxes manually?
    • The @points attribute seems to be missing from the <surface> element, although it would make sense to have it there. A feature request will be considered.
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