SIG Text and Graphics 2016 meeting

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at TEI Conference and Members' Meeting in Vienna, Austria, September 26-30, 2016.

when: Friday 30 September, 09.00-10.30

where: Museumszimmer (Museum room)


  1. facsimile encoding with the recently updated <graphic> element (cf. TEI-L, GitHub #1439): formerly limited to inline images, <graphic> can now (as of March 2016 / version 3.0.0) be also used to encode facsimiles. Several examples in the Guidelines already reflect this, but the Guidelines prose needs to be updated accordingly. At the least, cross-references between chapters 11 and 3.9 should be added. See GitHub #1427.
  2. linking to coordinate data in non-TEI formats: in some project architectures, image coordinates are stored in external files, e.g. in JSON. Currently there is no encoding mechanism to explicitly link from a TEI <zone> to such a non-TEI file. See GitHub #1508.
  3. placement of nested <figure> elements: <figure> may contain <figure> and there are examples in the Guidelines of such multi-part images. However, the Guidelines do not say how to indicate the exact position of the inner images. A possible solution might be to allow <zone> inside <figure> so that both the outer and the inner images can be wrapped in <zone> and then positioned using the TEI coordinate attributes. See GitHub #1515.
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