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SACODEYL Annotator offers an easy and intuituve interface which enables annotations over different kind of texts (written, spoken, verse, etcera). The main intention of the tool is be useful annotating texts by users with no previous knowledge over corpora, texts, annotations, etcetera. The tagset used into annotations can also be customized with this tool. Moreover, annotation process can be performed only with drap and drop.


SACODEYL Annotations offers following features:

  • Is multi-platform independent (windows, linux, mac)
  • Is multi-language with respect of the language used in the interfaces
  • Also, really manages multiple language corpora
  • Allows a wide variety of encoding formats (ANSI, UTF-8, UTF-16, ASCII, etc)
  • Manages multiple texts inside each corpora
  • Manages the definition of the tags that can be annotated
  • Offers the possibility of extensión of the annotation tags
  • Complies with TEI P5 specifications
  • Offers the user the posibility to annotate at any level inside the text
  • Works with oral and writen text
  • Shows selected annotations (offers filtering methods)
  • Offers a very friendly interface
  • Offers modifications over texts keeping the annotations.
  • Allows meta-madata management (title, media, sponsor, publisher, etcetera)
  • Manages annotation of external resources into texts (url, link, video, audio, etcetera)

User commentary

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System requirements

The System need to have installed: Java Runtime Versión 6 (JRE 6) v1.6.0 or higher

Source code and licensing

Is it open-source? Yes, SACODEYL Annotator is Free and Open Source.

what license type? SACODEYL Annotator is released under GPL v3.0 License

Is there any technical support fee? If you want any kind of technical support, contact with Jose Maria Alcaraz, he is the tool developer.

Support for TEI

SACODEYL Annotator fullfil all the TEI P5 v1.0 specifications which, in term, confers an extra value to the tools because all the documents generated in the tool could be reused in others TEI compilant tools.


What computer language is the tool written in?

SACODEYL Annotator has been written using Java Technologies and JNLP.

What language(s) are used in the interface?

SACODEYL Annotator offers an "extensible" multi-language support.

At the moment, SACODEYL Annotator offers the user interface in following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Lithuanian
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Rumanian

But if you are interesting in add a new language only woy need to translate a "internationalization file" and send it to SACODEYL Team and then the new language will be included in the next version of the tool.

What language(s) are used in the documentation?

The documentation of SACODEYL Annotator is presented in English.


All the user manual and technical documentation are available through the main SACODEYL Project web page.

Tech support

About technical support, SACODEYL Annotator has been developed under SACODEYL Project. for this reason there are technical support until the project finish. But if anybody are interested in contact with the developer for future revisions, released or querys, Jose M. Alcaraz is the tool developer.

User community

There are an user community of english teacher using SACODEYL Annotator. All of them use this Moodle-page as a communication platform

Sample implementations

This is an screen tool of the tool:


Current version number and date of release

The current versión is: SACODEYL Annotator V3.0 released (after 07/03/08)

History of versions

There are more than Thirty version of SACODEYL Annotator and the history of versions could be so long, for this reason only the changes with the previous version will be available here:

  • Now, when a text without metadata has been inserted and the user goes to add metadata inside of the Annotator the tools no causes any problem. All the basic values can be inserted via metadata form.
  • div tag annidation support added.
  • Basic Sortcuts Added.
  • Changes the title XML Representation: from <note type="title"> to <head>
  • Added full keyword support (add/remove)
  • Added full management of persons (now a person can be added fron the metadata section)
  • Compatibility with TIE P5 v1.0 added.
  • Description field has been resized.
  • Invisibility of keywords has been fixed.
  • Title modification has been optimized.
  • Resource table has been resized for 1024x768 compatibility.

Additionally, if you want to obtain the history of versions of all the previous version of the SACODEYL Annotator then you can obtain it here

How to download or buy

You can download this tool through this link: Sacodeyl Project

Additional notes

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