September 12, 2016

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  • Kevin S. Hawkins (University of North Texas Libraries)
  • James R. Griffin III (Lafayette College Libraries)
  • Andrew Rouner (Washington University in St. Louis)
  • Elli Myllonas (Brown University Library)
  • Martin Mueller (Northwestern University)

Syd's participation in the group

Elli asked whether Syd Bauman is on teilib-l. Kevin said he wasn't sure but suspected not. Kevin said that after Syd joined us for the June meeting, Kevin forwarded him a message, and he also forwarded the Google Hangout link shortly before this meeting.

Ticket Triage

Issue 21

This issue was previously listed in the "postponed" section of the triage, but since the Technical Council has now implemented the related issue, Kevin suggested that we implement the Council's solution in the BPTL unless it is somehow insufficient for the distinctions that the BPTL allows the encoder to make.

Elli agreed to add it to her list.

Issue 42

Kevin explained that this is a new issue that he recently created, based on noticing that Syd had carried out a deprecation agreed to by Council a few years ago -- removing <idno> from <biblStruct>. This affects the BPTL in that we say to put a Library of Congress call number and ISBNs in this location within the <sourceDesc>. So we would need to find a new location for these items.

Elli suggested that Kevin propose a solution in writing for where to move those elements to. She suggsted in particular thinking about where any bibliographic management systems (like Mendeley and Zotero) put such information when exporting to TEI.

Kevin agreed to do this.

Issue 13

Kevin said that a colleague at UNT had agreed to help but was new to TEI. Kevin said that since he hadn't heard from him, he'd nudge.

Issue 27

Kevin said that he posted our consensus from the July meeting to the ticket, mentioning Stefan's username in that reply in the hope that he would see the change in status. Kevin said that he hasn't heard from Stefan since then but hoped to see him in Vienna and check that he'd be willing to take on the issue.

Issue 36

After summarizing the issue, Kevin asked if anyone was especially interested in this topic. Martin said that he was and that he has strong feelings on it. Kevin asked him to write a summary of his recommended action for us to consider during a future call. He agreed to do so.

Issue 17

Previously we had tasked Stefanie and Elli with investigating this and bringing a proposal back. However, since then Lou Burnard commented on the ticket, linking to a related issue before the Council. After discussion, we agreed to wait for Council to resolve that issue unless they plan to defer action for a long time. Elli agreed to report back after the Council meeting in Vienna.

Issue 31

Kevin summarized the issue but noted, as in his comment, that it's quite closely related to issue 21. He asked Elli to propose a solution in conjunction with that issue. Elli agreed.

Issue 10

Kevin said that he believes he copied and pasted the description of this issue from something Syd once wrote. He said he was willing to trust that Syd's suggested encoding is indeed better practice. Others were also willing to do so.

Kevin asked if anyone was interested in implementing. Elli suggested that we defer implementation for now since we all have a number of tasks on our plate.

Issue 11

Kevin summarized the issue. There was consensus that we should repeat the <pb/> element when it occurs inside a <note>, and Elli and Martin strongly agreed that we should use @sameAs for this rather than @corresp.

We decided to defer implementation till someone has time.

Issue 12

Kevin summarized the issue and restated the three questions posed in the issue.

The workgroup agreed that <listBibl>, containing <bibl>s, should be mandatory when applicable for Level 3. Elli said it should always be wrapped in <div type="bibliography">, and others agreed with always using divs. Kevin suggested that the components of each citation (each <bibl>) should not be encoded at Level 3. Others agreed.

Kevin said he wasn't sure whether to say that the components of citation could or must be tagged at Level 4. We decided to defer that for later discussion.

Next meeting

Kevin noted that our normal meeting time (the first Monday of the month) will fall just after this year's TEI conference. He suggested postponing to the second Monday of the month (10 October). The group agreed to this time. Kevin said he would announce that on teilib-l.

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