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When you categorize a project, you may, among others, pick from the [=trove%3A18 possible data formats] (cf. the image on the right). One of them is Docbook (114 or rather 54 projects, depending on where you click), but they also have categories with 2 or even 0 projects in them.

When you search for the string "TEI" in descriptions, you get a list of 16 projects, while in reality there may be more, because search for "TEI*" lists 38, some of them being misses, but some of them having e.g. "TEI-P5" in the description.

So here's a simple idea, very much in line with the current publicising efforts: get "TEI" listed as one of the topic categories at Sourceforge, and get all TEI-related projects to join. The trick here is not exactly in the number of projects (though 16 isn't bad, given that the whole of "SGML" has 18 in fact): it is in having "TEI" officially recognized as a data format category at its own software repository.

I have no idea right now whom to contact or whether it takes a single good argument or a hundred votes (hmm, how many would they gather for MCML, I wonder), but in case pressure is needed, surely we can offer it as a community.

Update: posted a request for "TEI" as a new category. The request might need monitoring and further argumentation.

Update: the request was accepted and a new category was created: Topic::Formats and Protocols::Data Formats::TEI. :-)

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