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The Text Analysis Portal for Research (TAPoR) is a gateway to tools for sophisticated analysis and retrieval, along with representative texts for experimentation. The tools can be used without an account at TAPoR Tools. With an account you can save results and manage the e-texts and tools you want to work with.


Features of TAPoR

  • Manage electronic texts including TEI/XML texts
  • Experiment with online text tools (See TAPoR Tools)
  • Learn about digital textuality and text analysis (See {http://tada.mcmaster.ca/Main/TaporRecipes TAPoR Recipes])
  • Developers can register a tool on the portal if it is configured as a web service.

User commentary

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System requirements

TAPoR is a web portal so all you need is a current browser. You can get a Basic Account for research from the Portal Entry Page.

Source code and licensing

TAPoR source is available free to the educational and research community. For links to the Development version and Subversion source control system go to TAPoR 2 Dev. Developers interested in contributing to the ongoing development of TAPoR should contact Lian Yan (lyan at mcmaster dot ca). See also the Installation Instructions for downloading and installing the portal.

Support for TEI

The tools on TAPoR are tagged according to the type of source file they can process. The XML tools support TEI encoded texts. In general, as the tools do not pre-index the source text, they work best on e-texts that are smaller (less than 1 Megabyte).


The TAPoR portal is written mainly in Java. The tools (web services) are written in different languages. For example, the TAPoRware tools are written mostly in Ruby.


Portal uses should start by reading the TAPoR Tutorial. We have TAPoR Recipes that show how analysis tasks can use the tools.

Tech support

User community

The TAPoR Portal is a community with news and chat tools that can be used to share information. E-texts can be made public for others to use.

Current version number and date of release

Public Release 2, December 2006

How to download or buy

If you are interested in setting up a version of the portal contact Geoffrey Rockwell (georock at mcmaster dot ca) or see the Installation Information. A version that will run off a CD-ROM is availeble too.

For individual tools follow the links to their web sites.

Additional notes

TAPoR was developed with support from the Canada Foundation for Innovation. For information about the TAPoR project see www.tapor.ca.

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