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TEI-Extramural Journal (TEI-EJ) is a born digital, peer reviewed publication of the TEI and the TEI Education Special Interest Group. The project was initiated during spring 2009, when the Education SIG co-conveners (S. Schlitz and J. Nyhan) proposed developing an online publication to facilitate the aims of the TEI Education SIG and to educate members of the international digital humanities community, both within and beyond the TEI, about the TEI.

TEI-EJ project objectives are both experimental and ‘extramural’. The project seeks to define a new genre in academic publishing, where communicative modes are bidirectional rather than exclusively unidirectional, articles are media-driven as well as text-driven, and where the aims of publication extend beyond print journal mimesis to include education and community building.

In addition to peer reviewed articles, essays, interviews and reviews in text (underlyingly TEI-XML) and media (e.g. video, podcast wrapped in TEI-XML) formats, the publication website has been designed to include ongoing blog and forum discussion and to regularly feature new and developing projects. The publication will also serve as a new home for TEI Teaching and Learning resources.

While articles, essays, interviews and reviews are scheduled for quarterly publication beginning in July 2010, pages including blog, forum, featured projects, as well as teaching and learning resources will contain ongoing updates.

Call for Participants

The co-editors invite and encourage your participation. Individuals interested in:

  • submitting an article, essay, or review
  • serving as a peer reviewer
  • proposing a special issue and/or serving as a guest editor
  • serving as a guest blogger (for a week or more)
  • curating discussion from a TEI-L topic as a forum feature
  • inviting students (graduate or undergraduate) to post questions in response to an interview or article
  • inviting a class to participate formally in blog or forum discussion
  • authoring or moderating a response to an article
  • having work featured within the Feature Projects section
  • contributing teaching and/or learning resources

should contact:

  • Stephanie A. Schlitz (sschlitz@bloomu.edu)
  • Julianne Nyhan (julianne.nyhan@gmail.com)


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