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The tei-zotero-translator is a simple translator that seeks to bridge the gap between editing documents following the TEI Guidelines and maintaining the bibliographies with Zotero <http://www.zotero.org>.

The translator exports items from the Zotero database to TEI biblStruct elements. It integrates with Zotero, such that it is possible to select TEI as a target export format. Initially, it has been developed to create bibliographies for papers written in TEI P5, but should as well be useful for other projects.

In December 2011 this code was included in the mainline Zotero development repository, so it was included in Zotero 2.1 for Firefox and later. If you have a new version of Zotero, you will not need this plugin. You should uninstall it if you upgrade.


  • Export selected entries of your Zotero Database to a structured bibliography, that is <biblStruct>s in a <listBibl>.
  • optionally create xml:ids in the form <Author><Year>[a-z] (e.g. Carroll1999 or VOICE_Project2009a)
  • optionally export Zotero notes.
  • recreate collection-structure
  • wrap full <TEI> document around the bibliography

User commentary

Please sign all comments.

System requirements

This exporter requires the Zotero plugin (version 2.1.x) to be installed in Firefox.

Source code and licensing

Open source, GPL v3. That means it is free, but you may contribute.

Support for TEI

Exports to TEI P5.


Ecmascript + e4x


There is no documentation yet, apart from the comments in the file. Nevertheless, with these comments it should be fairly easy to get the translator running. Having successfully installed the tei-zotero-translator, it is possible to select TEIBiblstruct as export format when exporting a selection of items from the Zotero database.

Tech support

You can get in touch via the google-code page [1]

Current version number and date of release


How to download or buy

For versions 4 and later of Firefox, working with Zotero 2.1, a beta of a packaged extension is available for download [2]. Open this file with Firefox to run the installer. Then restart Firefox.

  • For other versions of Firefox and Zotero it might be an option to try the source packages of the translator. The installation is straightforward and requires only a little knowledge of your system. The individual steps are detailed in the description at the beginning of the source file.
  • For older versions of Zotero (2.0) [3]
  • For current versions of Zotero (2.1) [4]

Additional notes

  • Currently this translator is a dedicated export translator.
  • Some code for Zotero web-detection and import would be most welcome.
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