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  1. A javascript pop-up query which brings up the page of information for the element/attribute/class/datatype/etc. you choose (from www.tei-c.org). It should also work if you first highlight the name of an element on a webpage.
  2. A javascript pop-up query which brings the element spec from the eXist database (on tei.oucs.ox.ac.uk). It should also work if you first highlight the name of an element on a webpage.


  • javascript bookmarklet
  • swift navigation to TEI reference pages

User commentary

Please sign all comments.

This is a basic search bookmarklet derived from http://www.bookmarklets.com/mk.phtml which allows users to construct their own javascript bookmarklets as long as the search term appears in the url somewhere. James 05:13, 4 July 2008 (EDT)

The original version works up to Firefox 8.0, which apparently introduced some subtle changes in its Javascript engine. Fortunately, Martin Holmes has found out a fix and kindly posted it on the TEI-L mailing list. Rvdb

System requirements

  • Mozilla Firefox

Source code and licensing

The web page and its content are all licensed Creative Commons Attribute, ver. 3.0 Unported

Support for TEI

It assists users to look things up in the public TEI documentation quickly.


The language of english is hard-coded in the URL, however users may change this to any of the internationalised versions of the TEI, and it might work.


Only documentation is the web page at http://james.cummingsfamily.org.uk/TEI/TEI-LookUp.html

Tech support

User:James is happy to take suggestions, corrections, improvements, etc. But it isn't really meant to be a heavy tool!

User community

Current version number and date of release

Version 1.0, 31 October 2007.

History of versions

Version 1.0 -- update to confirm everything works with released TEI P5 ver. 1.0. Version 0.9 -- update to work with slight change of package layout Version 0.1 -- initial release

How to download or buy


Additional notes

c.f. http://james.cummingsfamily.org.uk/TEI/TEI-LookUp.html

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