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Stuart Yeates is a computer scientist by training[1] and is currently the technical lead for the New Zealand Electronic Text Centre. [2] Aspects of TEI he has been recently involved in include migration of the TEI collection from P4 to P5, packaging TEI as ePubs and parallel (English-Māori) texts. He has contributed to the TEI wiki and re-written the TEI page on wikipedia (where he has >20000 edits). Previously he worked at Oxford under Sebastian Rahtz and Lou Burnard. He is learning te reo Māori.

Living in New Zealand he runs on GMT+12 (+/- daylight savings) and rarely gets to travel to meet people face-to-face, he is, however, an enthusiastic contributor to mailing lists.

Contributions to this wiki, English wikipedia te reo Māori wikipedia

  1. Text Augmentation: Inserting markup into natural language text with PPM Models PhD thesis
  2. NZETC Staff page


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