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Wed is a schema-aware editor for XML documents. It runs in a web browser. It is being used in a project for editing scholarly articles. We aim to make it extensible by means of a stable API.


  • Supports RNG schemas.
  • Validates during editing.
  • Provides guided editing on the basis of the schema used. The user can use a contextual menu to insert new elements or attributes and only the elements or attributes that are valid in the location of the caret are presented.
  • Can represent XML structures in a way that is closer to XML (i.e. show where the start and end tags are located) or in a stylistic way (e.g. section headings in bold) in the same view.

User commentary

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System requirements

It is web-based. Wed is regularly tested on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer on Windows, Linux, and OS X. Please read the documentation on browser requirements.

Source code and licensing

The source code is here. The license is the Mozilla Public License.

Support for TEI

TEI is the standard used to test wed. It is possible to use a TEI ODD to produce a schema and documentation that wed can use so that the user can query the documentation as they edit.


As of version 0.20.5, wed only has an English interface.



Tech support


User community


Sample implementations

The BTW project uses wed for editing lexicographic articles. The articles themselves are accessible to the public but the editing part is unfortunately accessible only to the team of scholars that produce the articles.

Current version number and date of release

0.24.2, Apr 27, 2015

History of versions

How to download or buy


Additional notes

Contributions welcome.

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