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This application converts XML files to electronic publication files. It is designed to accept multiple input formats, and allow them to be composed (in mixed order as well) into a single electronic publication of a format of choice. By employing a more or less three stage process, the application is capable of applying many kinds of enrichments, regardless of chosen input and output formats. The application uses XProc and related XML technologies only to do the processing. This with the exception of some IO handling (using XMLCalabash extensions), and epub validation (using epubcheck called via p:exec).

The application has been written entirely for the Code Challenge by XML Holland (http://www.xmlholland.nl/node/770), but has conceptually grown far beyond the requirements of the contest. The goal of the contest was just to create an ePub out of a given TEI document, but this application has been designed to do so in a highly configurable way, and to accept multiple input formats, and in future allow creation of output formats other than ePub.



User commentary

Please sign all comments.

System requirements

Java Run-Time 1.5 or higher

Source code and licensing

This application is licensed with GPL. Please refer to NOTICE.txt and GPL.txt for further details.

Support for TEI

Supports TEI Lite P4.



Tech support

XProc E-Book Processor is maintained by Geert Josten, <geert.josten@gmail.com>.

User community

Sample implementations

Current version number and date of release

1.0 (2011-10-21)

History of versions

How to download or buy


Additional notes

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