Zadar, 13 November 2010, Agenda

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  • Presentation of the new SIG: the rationale and the problem areas (cf. the poster and the abstract of the micropaper)
  • Recruiting members and appropriate PR methods to spread the word (frequentation of general TEI list is essential to reach those who don't normally go to DH conferences)
  • Brainstorming on the general action plan and the first steps
    • (the long name of the SIG vs. the short name)
    • survey on LRs: bibliography; categorisation of the relevant linguistic (sub)fields [categories with references to resources]
    • milestones; manageable targets for the next meeting
    • actual chapter vs. virtual chapter: the latter can be one of the first steps/milestones
  • Interfacing other SIGs
    • Ontologies
      • Grammatical ontologies (like GOLD)
      • Lexical ontologies (like WordNet, VerbNet, FrameNet,...)
      • Works that are more encyclopedic in nature (thematic lexicons, thesauri)
      • participant list in a spoken discourse
      • watching Sebastian Rahtz's TEI XML -> RDF XML mapping tool
    • Tools
    • (Overlap)
    • Music? (think speech corpora)
  • Interchange/interoperativity with ISO standards
  • External constraints/demands on the TEI coming from our area
    • Simplify? Make more detailed? How much of that goes into the TEI ODD?
    • Processing: parsing @target of <link> an issue? streaming XSLT?
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