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The TEI is beginning an initiative to collect and disseminate well-documented XSLT and CSS stylesheets for TEI data. This call for submissions is an invitation to anyone who has developed a useful stylesheet and would like to share it with the TEI community. We have several goals in mind for this project:

  • to make existing stylesheets available to a wider audience
  • to provide good models for people designing their own stylesheets
  • to allow existing stylesheets to be improved and the results shared with the community

A few points:

  • all stylesheets will be made available at the TEI web site and/or the TEI Wiki. We will categorize what we receive based on function and level of documentation.
  • all submitted stylesheets will be distributed under the GNU Lesser Public License, which allows them to be freely redistributed, modified, and incorporated into other software tools as long as any copy continues to carry the GLPL. Please let us know if you strongly prefer some other license.
  • stylesheets submitted may be of any sort, as long as they work on TEI documents: they may produce HTML, XML of any sort, XSL FO, RTF, OpenOffice, etc.
  • all submitted stylesheets should be accompanied by some documentation. At the very least, we appreciate a brief statement of what kind of TEI document the stylesheet expects as input, and what kind of output it produces. Best of all are stylesheets that have detailed comments, so that other users can understand how they work and modify them further.
  • stylesheets need not be general-purpose. If you have come up with an immensely clever way to display the TEI header, or a highly artistic display for sonnets that places them in a grid of varying colors, please feel free to share these.

In order to contribute, please choose from the following categories:

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