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This page collects together any pages relating to XQuery (XML Query Language) for TEI resources.

All of the scripts posted here are freely available for public use. They are offered as is, and we make no guarantees about their usefulness or effectiveness. Please feel free to experiment with them. If you make any useful revisions, please post the modified version here. The call for stylesheets includes more details about what we are seeking and how you can help.

To contribute a script, please create a new page within this category and post your code.

To create a new page and post your code, you should:

  • Log in (Create a user account for this WIKI if you have not done so.)
  • Add a new page.
    • To do this, add the name of the new page to the URL in your browser's address bar after index.php/
    • For example, if you wish to create a new page called "MyNewQuery.xquery", just edit the URL in your web browser's address bar to look like this:
  • Assuming no one else has made a page with the name you chose, you will be brought to a blank page. Click the edit button and do the following:
    • Provide some accompanying explanation at the top of the page
    • Cut and paste your code into the window.
    • Wrap any code content in <pre><nowiki> .... </nowiki></pre> tags
    • Add the text [[Category:XQuery]] to the bottom of the page. This is important. It ensures that your page will show up on the XQuery page.
    • Click "Save Page" when you are finished. Your page should show up on this page in the list of stylesheets. You can go back and edit at any time.
    • As a reference SampleXQueryPage displays the text that was entered to create the Milestone-chunk.xquery page.
  • Note: We strongly suggest providing a Summary, and information about Required Input, Expected Output, and Known Restrictions or Problems before the script itself, as done in the SampleXQueryPage.

Pages in category "XQuery"

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