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A few basic tips

Please see:

  • A quick starter on wiki markup should get you going in no time.[1]
  • The Sandbox is a place where you can experiment with wiki code without risking that you mess things up on this wiki. Another such place is your user space.
  • Feel encouraged to create links to concepts you consider important in the TEI context, even if these links turn out to be empty (they will display in red then). In order to create a link, use double square brackets — as in e.g. [[Roma]], which creates a link to the page about Roma. Empty links are also useful — they tell us what articles still need to be written.
  • Use * at the beginning of a new line to start a new bullet, use ** (***, ****, etc.) for subsequent levels of bullets.
  • Please sign your comments on talk pages (or wherever appropriate) with four tildes (~~~~) — they expand into your signature and the date. Use five tildes for the date alone.
  • Please do not sign articles — this is a collaborative space, so expect others to change your work or expand on it (signing articles makes little sense in this context and may result in misattributions). Full edit and contribution history of each article is always available in the "history" tab at the top of every page. Everything that you publish here is available under Gnu Free Documentation License 1.2 (and hopefully any later version of it).
  • Please categorize your articles to avoid mess. Have a look at the TEI Wiki category tree to see where your article fits in. Add a category by placing the line [[Category:The-Category-Of-Your-Choice]] at the very bottom or the very top of your article. Articles can belong to more than one category (within reason :-) ).[2]
  • Please try to make the titles of your articles informative, so that they are not overly ambiguous and contain a hint as to their contents. Choosing e.g. "Notes" as the title of your new page is not the most fortunate of choices ;-)
  • You can use the Cite.php extension[3] to add footnotes.
  • If you feel frustrated because something doesn't display the way you want it to, don't worry, it will get fixed by others. You can use the <idleTalk/> board to ask for assistance or share your ideas.


  1. See MediaWiki User's Guide for detailed usage and configuration help.
  2. See more detailed help on categories.
  3. Documentation available at
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