January 9, 2017

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  • Kevin S. Hawkins
  • Elli Mylonas
  • Syd Bauman

Ticket triage

Issue 21

Elli said she finished it and the related issue 31 this morning but that we should discuss when we get to issue 31.

Issue 43

Syd said that this morning he finally got the build process fixed and can now move forward with this.

Issue 45

Elli explained that the last comment on the issue is the only one to consult. We discussed the suggested values for `@type` and agreed to include all of them in the prose and in the ODDs for levels 2-4 except:

  • confession
  • petition
  • tract
  • pamphlet
  • meditation

We also agreed to add "foreword" and change "bibliogr" to "bibliography".

Issue 3

Kevin said he'd take over the issue to finish implementation.

Issue 2

Before discussing the issue, Syd said that he thought we should create a new issue for updating the ODDs to use Pure ODD syntax. After some discusion, Kevin agreed but suggested that it be added to the "Postpone" category in the BP revision ticket triage. Syd asked him to create the issue and assign it to him.

Syd said that now that a new version of P5 has been released, he would return to this issue.

Issue 37

Syd confirmed that this is still on his list.

Issue 7

Kevin said this was still on his list.

Issue 9

Syd said he recalled implementing this but would need to check. He agreed to do so.

Issue 13

Kevin said he would nudge his colleague again.

Issue 47

Elli confirmed that this is still on her list.

Issue 36

Elli said she would review what Kevin wrote.

Issue 14

After briefly reviewing, we accepted Kevin's proposed solution. He said he would implement.

Issue 17

We discussed the issue and agreed to:

  1. Add a row to the table of header elements for `<schemaRef>` (a child of `<editorialDec>`). For this element, say that you should use syntax like `key="BPTL-L3-v3.1.0"` to record that you are following a certain level of encoding in a certain version of the BPTL. You can also use `@url` to point to your own schema, whether a copy of one that follows the the BPTL exactly or a local customization.
  2. Remove the discussion of using `@n` on `<editorialDecl>`.

Elli will still implement.

Issue 31

Elli summarized her latest comment on the issue, but Kevin responded that currently <pb/> is discussed in the element recommendations for Level 1, and <lb/> and <cb/> are discussed in the element recommendations for Level 3.

Elli said that she then thinks that everything is set with this issue and issue 21, but she asked Kevin to check over the changes that she committed.

Goal setting

We agreed to give ourselves the goal of completing work on all tickets assigned to us in the BP revision ticket triage up to "Could be controversial: hard implementation".

Next meeting

Kevin asked whether we should hold our next meeting on the first or second Monday of the month. Since the Technical Council will have a face-to-face meeting the first week of February, we decided to meet next on Feb. 13. Kevin said he would announce this to teilib-l.

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