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Not to be confused with teiPublisher.



"The instant publishing toolbox"[1]


  • High quality editions: Publish your digital edition without writing code. Using the TEI Processing Model, customising the appearance of the text is all done in XML.
  • Cross media & multidevice: TEI Publisher generates applications which work well across devices and include features like page by page browsing, search and cross-media export.
  • Single source publishing: Create HTML, ePUBs or PDFs from a single document and its associated processing model. No media specific stylesheets required.
  • Lean code: For developers, TEI Publisher heavily reduces the amount of custom code required by typical digital edition projects. Save thousands of lines on handwritten transformations and rely on maintained code libraries instead.[2]

User commentary

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System requirements

Exist 3.6.0 or later for version 3.0[3]

Source code and licensing

Support for TEI




Tech support

User community

Sample implementations


Current version number and date of release

3.0 (2017-12-19)

History of versions

How to download or buy


Additional notes


  1. http://teipublisher.com/
  2. http://teipublisher.com/
  3. http://teipublisher.com/exist/apps/tei-publisher-home/index.html
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