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Not to be confused with TEI Publisher.



teiPublisher is an XML-based repository with a suite of administrative, search and conversion tools.


(from the project web page)

  • establishing an XML repository for TEI-encoded documents;
  • uploading and deleting documents;
  • analyzing XML document instances to determine elements for searching and browsing;
  • developing ontology consistency and refining ontology development;
  • indexing and storing XML documents for efficient search and retrieval;
  • generating search/browse, results and metadata display pages for end users;
  • creating inter- and intra-document links;
  • creating repository backups;
  • changing the look of the interface;
  • associating XSL transformation scripts and CSS stylesheets to obtain different target outputs (HTML, PDF, etc.).

User commentary

Please sign all comments.

System requirements

  • Java (version?)
  • Lucene and eXist are bundled in the installer, though pre-existing installations can also be configured in.

Source code and licensing

Open source, released on GPL.

Support for TEI

The most recent version was published on 7 May 2005, which means that it may be restricted to P4 constructs (<TEI.2>, etc.).


  • Programming languages: Java, JavaScript, XSLT, XSL-FO
  • Interface language: English
  • Documentation available in English.


Tech support

User community

23 subscribers to the user mailing list as of 9-oct-07.

Sample implementations

  • Demo page pointing to dead IP-addresses (9-oct-07)

Current version number and date of release

20050507, 2005-05-07

History of versions

SF releases page

How to download or buy

Download from SourceForge (see above) or via Subversion: project download information page.

Additional notes

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